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Vita Lift Plus.


Vita-Lift Natural Tea is 100% Organic Perfect Blend Made with
3 Key High Quality Herbs and Tea Leaves.

Vita-Lift Natural Tea may result in an increase of libido, It is targeted to
increase your Confidence, Energy, Stamina, Performance and Romantic Levels.

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Vita-Lift Natural Tea is the best solution when it comes to increasing your performance.
It’s proprietary blend of ingredients may be the most potent ever combined within a single Tea Packet!
Each box has 6 teabags per box. Serving Size is 1 packet with 15g.

It’s packed with 3 key ingredients created to deliver incredible results. Vita-Lift Natural Tea may increased your libido, vitality, and confidence. Some of these key ingredients include: Tea Extract, Turmeric Root Tuber and Himalayan Teasel Root.


Enhance Human Life / Migliora la vita umana.

Pour tea packet into a cup, add hot water (100ml) water to dissolve tea, stir, and drink.


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